Bike on Water


Schiller, a San Francisco native, is the CEO of design firm AIKO. He recently started the BayCycle Project, a venture that combines cycles and floats to create a bike-float of sorts. The concept works like this: you put the contraption in the water, hop aboard, and start cycling, just like would would on a normal nike. The floats (which his team at AIKO designed) keep the apparatus afloat, which the motion of pedaling propels the float forward. Just like magic, boating marries biking.


BayCycles have been getting a bit of traction on the West Coast. Schiller was inspired to kickstart the project after hearing complaints from his neighbors in San Francisco about the Bay Bridge. A massive reconstruction project just wrapped up on the bridge – but notably absent is any kind of bike lane. Officials estimate that it will take up to $500 million and a decade of work to integrate lanes into the design. Until then, people have no way of getting from San Francisco to the East Bay (and vice-versa).


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